Self drilling rock anchor is an efficient and reliable measure for stabilization

Self drilling rock anchor is one of the most economic and effective method to improve the stability of geotechnical engineering. It is widely used as an efficient anchoring means, for drilling, grouting and anchoring in tunnel pre-support, slope anchor, mining, roadbed reinforcement and other projects, it can work very well in narrow space. The high quality self drilling rock anchor of Sinorock also works to stabilize foundations and support structures for excavation, making worksites safer. Sinorock works closely with geotechnical engineers to assist with project design and selection of anchor type after consideration of ground conditions, ensuring lasting integrity of all our self drilling rock anchor products.

Sinorock supplies anchor bolt systems or self drilling hollow bar micropiles, for all forms of temporary and permanent works, and rapidly installed mini piles which have wide ranging applications. Operating throughout the China and many parts of the world. Sinorock has considerable expertise in geotechnical and structural stabilization and offers a comprehensive technical rock support service including advice, design specification and product installation, if required. Mechanical anchors are well proven in both temporary and permanent anchor works and a significant number of structural applications. Self drilling rock anchor is an efficient, reliable and cost effective means of stabilizing retaining structures as well as slopes and embankments.

Self drilling anchor rod can secure unstable sections in the constructions

Weathering of soft rocks is usually considered as an important factor in various fields such as geology, engineering geology, mineralogy, soil and rock mechanics, and geomorphology. The problem of stability over time should be considered for slopes excavated in soft rocks, in case they are not protected against weathering processes. Self drilling anchor rod is utilized to secure potentially unstable sections of the rock mass, improving long term rock stability. Ground anchor is extensively used on all types of projects, from standard buildings to dams and nuclear power plants. It can also be used to firmly affix embed plates to a concrete foundation when used with a structural steel element.

Sinorock is considered one of the most successful self drilling anchor rod suppliers in the world, and the brands “Sinorock” is globally recognized. As an international company, we are able to efficiently support projects that require design and supply coordination across several countries. In this role we are fully aware of our global, local and social responsibility, and take these obligations very seriously in our attitudes to human rights and business ethics. We set ourselves high standards in our relationships with employees, customers and suppliers. Our dealings at all levels are characterized by trust, respect and reliability.

Large diameter threaded rod can control surrounding rocks

Large diameter threaded rod received the name based on the size. These anchor bolts are larger in diameter than the standard anchor bolts. The large diameter anchor bolt is available in numerous underground projects, anti-floating projects and anti-seismic projects. It can ensure the anchoring for complex ground conditions and keep the integrity and stability of surrounding rocks, the surrounding rocks of deforming, displacing and cracking can be effectively controlled. The transportation is also convenient and high efficient. Because the anchor bolt can be cut at any point or lengthened with couplings.

Sinorock manufactures a broad range of extremely reliable, precise and accurate large diameter threaded rods in steel and steel alloys of different sizes from high quality graded raw material. Sinorock is considered as one of the few leading large diameter threaded rod manufacturers of special bolting for critical applications. Selective in the choice of raw material, Sinorock produce undergo stringent quality testation at the quality control department for the users benefit. Own latest machines provides the customer with a fast delivery of products. Exporting extensive range of large diameter anchor bolt. Sinorock has a global reach with efficiency in delivery, expressing the time management as an edge over contenders in the field.

The research of self drilling anchor bolt design will never stop

Self drilling rock bolt combines drilling, grouting and anchoring together. It ensures the anchoring effect in complex ground conditions, including soft rock, soil layer and fault zone, etc. It’s reliable, efficient and simple. SDA bolt focuses on the flexible supporting system close to the rock surface to play its own strength, suppress deformation and restore stress state of the surrounding rock. It is a very good choice for tunneling engineering. Combining drilling, grouting and anchoring together, it is reliable, efficient and convenient.

Innovation, profession, responsibility, efficiency are the core values of Sinorock. Among them, responsibility and innovation are very important. Sinorock never stops the research of self drilling anchor bolt design. Referring to the responsibility, firstly, the company should be responsible for customers. That is to say, Sinorock should provide good products and good service to customers. Only in this way, we can gain profit and survive. Secondly, company should be responsible for employees. Staff is the basic element of a company. They work hard to produce products and create profit for company. So the company has the responsibility to provide good work environment for staff. The company also should provide chances of learning for staff.

Self drilling rock bolt support is trusted and has irreplaceable support effect

Continuing a proud heritage as the pioneer of self drilling rock bolt, Sinorock further demonstrates its commitment to quality manufacturing and transparency of product performance, by increasing the number of independent accreditations to include CE Marking. Sinorock CE marked products create additional security for engineers, architects and specifiers as product performance is tested and confirmed by a third party to meet a standard, renowned on a European scale.

The Sinorock self drilling rock bolt support is widely trusted for the unrivaled quality, extraordinary performance and enduring reliability. Sinorock has designed and developed state of the art, patented load indicating self drilling rock bolt that optimize the integrity of the bolted joint. Our relentless development of new technology and innovative ideas is dedicated to continuous improvement and simplification of the installation of rock bolts for our customers. Sinorock provide you high quality and cost effective self drilling rock bolt products that enhance the way people work and do things. All rock bolts are manufactured for underground or ground applications in mines, tunnels, slopes, or wherever reliable ground support is needed. Rigid standards of quality are achieved by exhaustive quality control, testing and inspection procedures. Detailed drawings specify materials, dimensions, and tolerances.